Avotor - Disease/Wait And See (vinyl)

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Cover Art (Front)
Cover Art (Back)
Name Disease / Wait And See
Tracks 2
Total length 4.04
Year 2002
Recorded 2002
Writer/composer A: Concord Dawn, B: Shihad
Producer Bev Painter & H. Walker (Avotor)
Art work ?
Publisher Crawlspace Records
Format(s) 7" Vinyl
Catalogue number(s) hw10474
Release ?? 2002
Chart position -


This vinyl is limited to 100 releases, due to a limited amount of press at the time of release, this vinyl was widely unknown about until one got surfaced in 2010.

Track List


A:Disease (Originally by Concord Dawn)

B: Wait And See Originally by Shihad) Download 320kbs or Download .wav