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A4 Big Day Out Magazine, band bio
Venue Erricson Stadium (BDO)
Date 18 January 2002
Location Auckland
Country New Zealand
Number of songs 11
Support Big Day Out Festival
Event start 1100 (Shihad on stage at 5.15pm)
Capacity 45000
Ticket price $90 + booking fee
Sold out? ??

Set List

  1. The General Electric (FLAC Audio)
  2. Comfort Me (FLAC Audio)
  3. Wait And See (FLAC Audio)
  4. Semi Normal (FLAC Audio)
  5. Pacifier (FLAC Audio)
  6. Brightest Star (FLAC Audio)
  7. My Mind's Sedate (FLAC Audio)
  8. Bullitproof (FLAC Audio)
  9. Thin White Line (FLAC Audio)
  10. Nothing (FLAC Audio)
  11. Home Again (FLAC Audio)
  12. Get Up

TXT File Info (Info)

For an MP3 recording go here




G&E Recording

Lineage: SP-CMC-6 (Hypercard caps) > SP-HPM-1 (bass roll off) > Sony D7 (line in at 48k) > Sony DDS-1 90m DAT > Archive Python > DAT2Wav > .Wav 48k > Steinburgs WaveLab 3.03a > .wav 44.1k > CDWAVE track spliting > CD-R > EAC v0.95> .wav > FLAC v1.1.4a with FLAC Frontend v1.7.1 > .FLAC > You

Get Up recorded but not released as it started raining heavily at the start of this song.