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Venue True Colours, St. James
Date 1st June 2002
Location Auckland
Country New Zealand
Number of songs 16
Event start 3.30pm, last entry 11pm.
Capacity ??
Ticket price 51.90
Sold out? ??

Set List

  1. The General Electric (FLAC Audio)
  2. Semi Normal (FLAC Audio)
  3. Wait And See (FLAC Audio)
  4. Comfort Me (FLAC Audio)
  5. Interconnector (FLAC Audio)
  6. Pacifier (FLAC Audio)
  7. Bullitproof (FLAC Audio)
  8. Everything (FLAC Audio)
  9. Home Again (FLAC Audio)
  10. Nothing (FLAC Audio)
  11. Stranger(FLAC Audio)
  12. My Mind's Sedate (FLAC Audio)
  13. Walls (FLAC Audio)
  14. Master Of Puppets (FLAC Audio)
  15. You Again (FLAC Audio)
  16. Trademark (FLAC Audio)

TXT File Info (Info)

An MP3 version of this bootleg is avaliable here


Shihad (as Pacifier) performed from 10.05-11.30pm. True Colours was a day-long gig that the NZ government funded to show overseas "important" industry executives the "best" of the NZ music scene.



Recorded by Karl Rices

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