Gig 20021004

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Venue Adelaide Uni Bar (R18)
Date 4 October 2002
Location Adelaide, SA
Country Australia
Number of songs  ??
Support Betchadupa
Event start ??
Capacity ??
Ticket price ??
Sold out? ??

Set List

  1. Comfort Me
  2. Nothing
  3. The General Electric
  4. Just A Shadow
  5. Bullitproof
  6. Pacifier
  7. Semi Normal
  8. Wait And See
  9. Everything
  10. Home Again
  11. My Mind's Sedate
  12. Run
  13. You Again
  14. Trademark


Adelaide - Meat for tha grindah.

Adelaide - The town with the best meat in Oztraya............... Its been a long time since we have played in Adelaide uni bar and it smells and looks exactly the same . We have made special dispensation tonight to load in and run out to dinner at Gauchos Agentinian Steakhouse before soundcheck. We were put onto this by Faith No More when we toured with them in OZ in 1998 so we made it a regular stop over ever since. Basically these guys cook the meanest steak that I know of and it's perfect food for making hate rock. The show itself is good - Jon is all over the stage tonight and getting frustrated at lack of height on speakers + guitars that don't stay in tune + the barrier being too far away. Needless to say for the second time in a row (In Adelaide) a guitar is sacrificed and broken into splinters. The other show highlight was going out to front of house and watching the band while Matt from betchadupa played drums on you again - awesome - this was the first time I've seen the band play ever - and it was awesome - I watched from the mixing desk for the first half and then 3 rows from the front on Karl's side ('Cause he's such a spuuuuunk!) for the second half - great to be a punter for the first time in my life - I like my band!! Anyways Adelaide rules again OK.



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