Gig 20031231

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Tour Poster
Venue Haruru Falls
Date 31 December 2003
Location Pahia
Country New Zealand
Number of songs 16
Support Nesian Mystik, King Kapisi, Betchadupa, The D4, Twolane Blacktop, Revolver, Something Stupid & M.C. Bruce Earwaker
Event start Gates 7am
Capacity ??
Ticket price $50
Sold out? ??

Set List

  1. Comfort Me
  2. Interconnector
  3. Ghost's From The Past
  4. Run
  5. Semi-Normal
  6. Everything
  7. The General Electric
  8. Deb's Night Out
  9. Bullitproof
  10. Pacifier
  11. Home Again
  12. My Mind's Sedate
  13. Derail
  14. New Song
  15. New Song
  16. You Again


Setlist may be in wrong order, but this is to be believed that this was all songs played. The new songs refer to songs taken off Love is the New Hate album and were at the time unknown.