Gig 20060126

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Venue Big Day Out
Date 26 January 2006
Location Homebush (Sydney), NSW
Country Australia
Number of songs 14
Support Festival
Event start 11an
Capacity 50,000
Ticket price $110 approx
Sold out? Yes

Set List

  1. Saddest Song In The World
  2. Big Future
  3. The General Electric
  4. Shot In The Head
  5. Wait And See
  6. All The Young Fascist's
  7. Pacifier
  8. None Of The Above
  9. Alive
  10. Home Again
  11. Comfort Me
  12. Dark Times
  13. My Mind's Sedate
  14. Day Will Come


Setlist cut short due to Mars Volta and Cog running over time - I think they did not play two songs Dark Times and Run.