Gig 20070106

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Tour Poster
Miserys Limited Edition Tour Poster
Venue Town Hall
Date 6 January 2007
Location Wellington
Country New Zealand
Number of songs 16
Support The Datsuns & Shaky Hands
Event start 20:00
Capacity 2160
Ticket price $45
Sold out? ?

Set List

  1. The General Electric (FLAC Audio)
  2. Home Again (FLAC Audio)
  3. Beautiful Machine (FLAC Audio)
  4. All The Young Fascist's (FLAC Audio)
  5. Pacifier (FLAC Audio)
  6. Run (FLAC Audio)
  7. When You Coming Home? (FLAC Audio)
  8. My Mind's Sedate (FLAC Audio)
  9. Wait and See (FLAC Audio)
  10. Skank (FLAC Audio)
  11. Alive (FLAC Audio)
  12. Comfort Me (FLAC Audio)
  13. One Will Hear The Other (FLAC Audio)
  14. Bitter (FLAC Audio)
    Encore Shihad + The Datsuns:
  15. Gates Of Steel (FLAC Audio)
  16. I See Red (Video) (FLAC Audio) (Download Video)

TXT File Info (Info)


Shaky Hands on at 8, Datsuns 9, Shihad 10.30ish



G&E Recording

Lineage: SP-CMC-6 (Hypercard caps) > SP-HPM-1 (bass roll off) > Sony D7 (line in at 48k) > Sony DDS-1 90m DAT > Archive Python > DAT2Wav > .Wav 48k > Steinburgs WaveLab 3.03a > .wav 44.1k > CDWAVE track spliting > FLAC v1.1.4a with FLAC Frontend v1.7.1 > .FLAC > You