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Venue Wellington Waterfront (Homegrown Festival)
Date 26 April 2008
Location Wellington
Country New Zealand
Number of songs 18
Support See schedule for full line up
Event start 1pm - 11pm (Shihad on stage 10:05ish for 1.5 hourish)
Capacity 11000
Ticket price $60 +BF early, $75 + BF late
Sold out? Yes

Set List

Intro (MP3 Audio)

  1. Home Again (MP3 Audio)
  2. Beautiful Machine (MP3 Audio)
  3. The General Electric (MP3 Audio)
  4. Rule The World (MP3 Audio)
  5. All The Young Fascists (MP3 Audio)
  6. Pacifier (MP3 Audio)
  7. My Mind's Sedate (MP3 Audio)
  8. Run (Acoustic) (MP3 Audio)
  9. When You Coming Home? (MP3 Audio)
  10. Wait And See (w/Mike Franklin-Browne from Pluto on drums) (MP3 Audio)
  11. Count It Up (MP3 Audio)
  12. Screwtop (MP3 Audio)
  13. Hard To Please (MP3 Audio)
  14. Comfort Me (MP3 Audio)
  15. One Will Hear The Other (MP3 Audio)
  16. The Bible And The Gun (w/Mike Franklin-Browne from Pluto on drums) (MP3 Audio)
  17. Vampires (First time played live) (MP3 Audio)
  18. You Again (w/Mike Franklin-Browne from Pluto on drums) (MP3 Audio)

TXT File Info (MP3 Info)


  • This show was professionally videoed. There is currently no word on what the destination on the video is.
  • Mike Franklin-Browne (Pluto) came out on a second drum kit to play along with Tom. See the set list above.
  • Shihad headlined the festival.
  • Check Official Website for full details.




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Art Design: Rob (Shihad forums)


G&E Recording

MP3 Lineage: SP-CMC-6 (Hypercard caps) > SP-HPM-1 (bass roll off) > Roland Edirol R-09 (Line in at 24bit/48k wave file) > Adata Class 6 8gb SDHC card > USB2 > HDD > Steinburgs WaveLab 3.03a > Adobe Soundbooth sample rate conversion to 16bit/44.1k > CDWAVE track spliting > .wav > Exact Audio Copy v0.99 prebeta 3 > Lame MP3 encoder 3.97 > .mp3 (Vairiable bitrate 128kBits/s) > You