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Rip It Up is a NZ music magazine that was started in June 1977 by Murrary Cammick.

Below is a matrix of Shihad's appearances in this Magazine over the years. Please see the Articles page for Rip It Up web site news articles.

Year Month Issue Cover Feature Interview Article Short Piece Album Review Gig Photos Other/Notes

2014 August-September Rip It Up #507 (Groove Guide #304) Yes GG RIU Cover August 2014.jpg "Shihad" Yes, Interview with Tom and Jon about FVEY In 2013/2014, both Groove Guide and Rip It Up were amalgamated into a single, free back-to-back magazine. As the issue numbers for each publication differ, both have been given. The Shihad article is technically in the 'Groove Guide' section, but since it is still part of Rip It Up, it has been listed here.

2011 October/November 343 "Tales of the Tracks - Shihad"

2010 August/September 336 Yes


Yes Yes 6 of them in "The Essential" section Jon was guest editor
2009/2010 December/January 332 Gig 20091007
2008 February/March 321 Yes

RIU Issue 321 Feb-March 2008.jpg

Yes Yes Yes On their BDO set
2007 August/September 318 Fan questions to Jon
2006/2007 December/January Review of Gig 20061020
2005 December/January 302 Yes

RIU Dec Jan 05 issue 302 cover.jpg

2000 June 272 Yes

RIU issue 272 June 2000.jpg

Yes Yes Shihad are Hyped Yes Shihad's Jon Toogood From Melbourne Column
1998 October 254 Yes
1996 October 230 Yes

RIU Oct 1996 issue 230 cover.jpg

Wicked Boys
1995 October 218 Bands Across The Water Short Piece
1995 May 213 Yes

RIU May 1995 issue 213 cover.jpg

Boys Keep Changing Yes Yes
1994 November 207 Making Noise In Europe
1993 July 192 Yes Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Heaviest NZ Band Of The All?
1993 June 191 About the video for I Only Said not being aired.
1992 November 184 Churn Demos/Recording And December Tour News
1991 December 173 Rumours Column
1991 July 168 Untitled
1990 August 157 Angels Brent Eccles Interview
Year Month Issue Cover Feature Interview Article Short Piece Album Review Gig Photos Other/Notes