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Interviews and Live Videos DVD

'Metal Primer (9th December 1989)


  1. It
  2. N.I.B (Black Sabbath cover)
  3. Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf cover)

Interview - Old Churn Era Story - Early 90s

Interview with Jon, Tom and Karl

Interview - Juice TV 1996

Ila and Karl "Talking Shit"

NZ Music Awards (1998)


  1. Home Again

The Club Show - Havoc TV (MTV) (1998)


  1. Interconnector
  2. Deb's Night Out

Channel V - Live Studio (1998/1999)


  1. Sport And Religion
  2. Wait And See

Sweetwaters - Havoc TV (1999)

Split Enz and Shihad


  1. I See Red

+ more

Space TV - Live Studio (2000)


  1. Interview with Jon and Karl
  2. Thin White Line
  3. Sport And Religion
  4. Home Again
  5. Back In Black w/ Killing Heidi

Ice As - Live Studio (2000)


  1. Sport And Religion
  2. Trademark

Squeeze - Interview (2004)

Jane Yee & Jon Toogood in Melbourne.

Homegrown C4 - Interview (2005)

Interview with Tom, Karl and Phil.

Amped C4 - Interview

Interview with Jon at the Powerstation in Auckland.

Top Of The Pops - Auckland Powerstation (2005)

  1. Alive
  2. Shot In The Head

Amped C4 - Phone Interview

Interview with Jon over the phone.






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