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Venue Westpac Centre
Date 7 March 2004
Location Christchurch
Country New Zealand
Number of songs 10
Support Edgefest 2004
Event start 1430
Capacity 9100
Ticket price $35
Sold out? Yes

Set List

  1. Dessert Boulder (Empty Shell without lyrics)
  2. The General Electric
  3. Run
  4. Semi Normal
  5. Comfort Me
  6. Pacifier
  7. Bullitproof
  8. Everything
  9. Home Again
  10. My Mind's Sedate


The moment arrived. For a lot of us "older" patrons, there is but one band. To screams of "Shihad! Shihad! the nutter that is Jon Toogood burst on stage with the rest of Pacifier. Without a doubt they remain the best live act in the country. The crowd was involved go to whoa. Jon lead crowd singing in virtually every song and even had the kids whose parents listened to Shihad singing along. Pacifier played a mix of new and old songs, as well as all the well-known numbers. "Run" continues to be one of the most powerful live songs I've seen. To give this set it's just deserves would be impossible. With the day building to an end came the penultimate song, "Home again". Surprisingly this wasn't the last track but still stole the day for me. It was an amazing song that was performed by our best band at the peak of their powers. The day closed with "My Minds Sedate" featuring riffs that even Led Zeppelin would be proud of.

Due to bands going overtime, Pacifier was only allowed 40 min on stage. This is why the setlist was rather short.

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