Gig 20050819

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Tour Poster
Venue The Arena
Date 19th August 2005
Location Brisbane, QLD
Country Australia
Number of songs 18
Support COG & Giants Of Science
Event start 8pm
Capacity 1200 (with upstairs open)
Ticket price $30
Sold out? Yes


  1. You Again
  2. Day Will Come
  3. The General Electric
  4. Shot In The Head
  5. Wait And See
  6. My Mind's Sedate
  7. Alive
  8. Home Again
  9. None Of The Above
  10. Empty Shell
  11. Run
  12. Semi Normal
  13. Comfort Me
  14. Dark Times
  15. Big Future
  16. Saddest Song In The World
  17. All The Young Fascists
  18. Pacifier


It is unusual for a Brisbane show to sell out prior to the show. Most Brisbane punters just rock up on the night. The combination of Cog's recent success with The New Normal, Shihad's transformation back from Pacifier and local favouites Giants Of Science was enough to inspire 1200 locals to pre-purchase tickets, subsequently officially selling out the day prior to the event despite the fact that on recent individual tours Shihad and Cog would have been obtaining crowds of roughly 4-500 people including punters paying at the door. Cog played an amazing show I was really wondering how Shihad were going to top it. But top they did when they came out and launched staight into You Again which was huge. The whole set was really heavy and probably the best show of that tour.