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Venue AMI Stadium (Southern Amp Festival 2007)
Date 10 November 2007
Location Christchurch
Country New Zealand
Number of songs 13
Support Main Stage: Shihad, Evermore, The Black Seeds, The Checks, Thirsty Merc, Atlas, The Veils, Opshop, dDub, The Dukes and The Valves

Dance Tent: Scribe, Concord Dawn w/ Tiki Tane, Ladi6, Kid Kenobi & MC Shureshock, John Course, Goodwill, Greg Churchill, Dick Johnson, Timmy Schumacher & MC Kyla, OB1, Yuhei Kubo and Rare Shot Blue

Local Stage: Gasoline Cowboy, Neil Robinson, Pumpkin Head, BANG! BANG! ECHE!, Charlie Ash, Band Theft Auto, The Enright House, Ed Musik, Flying Solo, Heavy Jones, Tainted, The Tiger Tones, The Under Currents, 4 Man Bob and She'll Be Right Records

Event start 11.00am-10.30pm (Shihad on at 9.30pm)
Capacity 50000 (8000 turned up)
Ticket price $99.50 + BF
Sold out? No

Set List

  1. Empty Shell (Audio - Full)
  2. Beautiful Machine (Audio - Full)
  3. The General Electric (Audio - Partial)
  4. Count It Up (Audio - Partial)
  5. Wait And See (Audio - Full)
  6. Pacifier (Audio - Full)
  7. When You Coming Home (Audio - Full)
  8. My Mind's Sedate (Audio - Full)
  9. Rule The World (Audio - Part 1) (Audio - Part 2)
  10. Home Again (Audio - Part 1) (Audio - Part 2)
  11. Comfort Me (Audio - Partial)
  12. One Will Hear The Other (Audio - Partial)
    Encore: (Audio - Full)
  13. Prophet (Audio - Full)


Shihad are headlining this festival.

Check Official Website for full details.



Record Notes

  • Recorded By = User:Kinopus (Shihad Forums)
  • Sound Quality = B+ (Good recording, but a little bass distorted) (A for the first 3 songs)
  • Sony MD Walkman MZ-NH1 + Audio Techna SP-CMC-2 Mic's> Sony Sonic Stage > Windows Movie Maker (.wav) > Super C Converter (.mp3)


Yes - Coming