Gig 20100220

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Venue Waterfront
Date 20 February 2010
Location Wellington
Country New Zealand
Number of songs 15
Support The Black Seeds, The Feelers, Salmonella Dub, Midnight Youth, Katchafire, The Datsuns, Opensouls, The Mint Chicks, Ladi6, The Checks, Minuit, Liam Finn, The Upbeats, Pluto, Aural Trash, Luger Boa, Antiform, Goodnight Nurse, Dick Johnson, Dane Rumble, Tim Phin, Cut Off Your Hands, Nick D, Bang Bang Eche, Sunshine Soundsystem, Motocade, Manuel Bundy, Collapsing Cities
Event start Midday
Ticket price Early bird $75 + BF. Regular $90 + BF
Sold out? Yes



Get yourself into Shihad's new video for their upcoming single ‘Sleepeater'. Head along to Jim Beam Homegrown in Wellington and look for the Sleepeater video booth right outside the TSB Arena.

If you're too much of a star to queue then listen to The Rock for your chance to win a VIP pass to the front of the line.

Award-winning Director Sam Peacocke is at the helm of this ground breaking concept, which will see all participants feature in their own personalised Shihad ‘Sleepeater' video!

In addition, everyone who takes part in the shoot will receive a free download of the street track ‘Cold Heart', a preview from the upcoming Shihad album.

Set List

  1. You Again
  2. Comfort Me
  3. Rule The World
  4. My Mind's Sedate
  5. Sleepeater
  6. Pacifier
  7. Semi Normal
  8. Wait And See
  9. Home Again
  10. The General Electric
  11. Beautiful Machine
  12. Cold Heart (First time live)
  13. Run
  14. Empty Shell (Jon from Sound Desk) / We Will Rock You (Jon at sound desk and in transit) (Believe this is first time live as is something Jon apparently has always wanted to do) (First line was Jonny your a boy or something like that / Empty Shell (Jon on stage)
  15. One Will Hear The Other

Saddest Song In The World was on the set list and not played