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Cover Title Release Date
Churn cover art Churn 12th July 1993
Killjoy cover art Killjoy 22nd May 1995
Shihad cover art Shihad 15th October 1996
The General Electric cover art The General Electric 4th October 1999
Pacifier cover art Pacifier 19th August 2002
Live cover art Live 23rd November 2003
Love Is the New Hate cover art Love Is the New Hate 2nd May 2005
Beautiful Machine working cover art Beautiful Machine 21 April 2008


Cover Title Release Date
Devolve cover art Devolve 1991
Happy Families Tour EP cover art Happy Families Tour April 1995
B-Sides cover art B-Sides 30 August 1996
Flaming Soul/Gates Of Steal EP cover art Flaming Soul/Gates Of Steel 1997
Blue Light Disco cover art Blue Light Disco 6 October 1998
Suck On This cover art Suck On This 2002
Alive cover art Alive 14 February 2005
ZM Live Lounge cover art ZM Live Lounge 20 May 2008


Cover Title Release Date Notes
Dogs Are Talking cover art Dogs Are Talking 1990
I Only Said cover art I Only Said 7 June 1993
Stations cover art Stations 31 January 1994
Run cover art Derail 15 August 1994
You Again cover art You Again 20 March 1995
Bitter cover art Bitter 1 May 1995
Gimme Gimme cover art Gimme Gimme 28 August 1995
Deb's Night Out cover art Deb's Night Out 12 July 1996
La La Land cover art La La Land 20 September 1996
It's A Go cover art It's A Go October 1996
A Day Away cover art A Day Away 9 January 1997
Home Again cover art Home Again 12 June 1997
Yr' Head Is A Rock cover art Yr Head Is A Rock 9 April 1998
Ghost From The Past cover art Ghost From The Past June 1998
My Mind's Sedate cover art My Mind's Sedate March 1999
The General Electric cover art The General Electric February 2000
Pacifier cover art Pacifier March 2000
No cover art Sport and Religion 2000 Radio & TV only
Comfort Me cover art Comfort Me 2002
Run cover art Run 2002
Bullitproof cover art Bullitproof 2003
Everything cover art Everything 2003
All The Young Fascists cover art All The Young Fascists 2 May 2005
Shot In The Head cover art Shot In The Head 22 August 2005
No cover art Dark Times 2005 Radio & TV only
No cover art None Of The Above 2006 TV only
One Will Hear The Other cover art One Will Hear The Other 2008 Radio, TV and Digital Only
No cover art Vampires 2008 Radio & Digital Only


Cover Title Release Date Notes
Dead And Buried Demo cover art Dead And Buried Demo 1988
For What You Burn Promo cover art For What You Burn Promo 1995
1998 Sampler cover art 1998 Sampler August 1998
Channel V Tapes cover art Channel V Tapes June 2000
Channel Z Tapes cover art Channel Z Tapes July 2000
Pacifier Promo cover art Pacifier Promo 2002
One Will Hear The Other Promo cover art One Will Hear The Other Janurary 2008
Beautiful Machine Promo cover art Beautiful Machine Advanced Copy March 2008


Cover Title Release Date Notes
The Early Demos cover art The Early Demos 2004 Un-Official Release